Friday, June 01, 2007

Don't show your riches says PM Manmohan Singh; Crap says I

World over, since time immemorial, people have been striving to get a better life than they have currently. When they get more disposable money to spend, they would want to spend. In the Indian context, marriage institution is a blatant example of better prospects - a rickshaw puller wants to marry his daughter off to at aleast a Taxi - driver and from this derives the rest of the society's intent too. Every parent would like to see their children earn better than their peers, have a better (read bigger) standing in society, to wed in more influential families etc. On the other side of the spectrum, we have people who don't want that or are not allowed to want that - people who survive day by day on the welfare doled out by the government and the nasty tribe - politicians. Where does the government get money for welfare - we the tax payers give that money. What is more troubling is the ingratitude of the government towards the tax payer- asking us to have some restrain since the government is inapt to raise the so-called-weaker sections' standing in society. We must have a rebate for the taxes we pay since we see all the money either eaten off or paid into welfare (read doling out) only. We are paying taxes for charity work. The UPA govt. brings out a report card, prepared by them and invariably they talk about only what they did, but no mention about what they did not - for example - inflation control, mis-handling of power crisis, mis-handling of home affairs. I am not talking about bomb blasts if you may. What I am talking about is the after effect of the blast - Compensation for the victims or their next of Kin. Compensation is not bad. what is bad is the way it is portrayed and implemented. I would want compensation in the form of earning my lively hood and keeping my self-respect. Not just some Cash which runs out quite quickly and then you are reduced to begging on the streets. The respected finance minister talks about un-marked money among people who do respectful Jobs. What about the begging-economy.

Another galling fact is the leaders-of-minorities : In Hyderabad we have the Salar - Salauddin and his Son Asaddudin Owaisi who run Schools, colleges etc. The fee there is so exhorbitant that I fail to understand why do they need additional funding under the minority institutions tag. Why are they unable to raise their "so called minority" brethren to a better social standing, simple because my dear in India like everything else Education is a business and not charity which I fully support.

Then we have our Honourable HRD minister who is bothered only about Quotas in institutions. But his ministry does nothing about basic education in non-urban areas, backward areas etc. Many of the institutions that have been targeted by our Minister (Sniff) are the ones who actually do some thing for these areas. If you need proof check out IIM Kozhikode. Student and faculty indulge in bringing students to a level where they can compete with peers in the IIM.

Then we have Honourable minister for AIIMS Anbumani Ramdoss (Oops! he is the honourable health minister). But he doesn't act like one. Polio cases are on the rise, but the minister is worried only about bringing down the dean.

And lastly Dr. Maran who had to step down as telecom minister because his uncle and DMK supremo did not like people's opinion; yes people's opinion as brought out in a opinion poll in a newspaper run by Dr. Maran's bro. Dr. Maran really did something for telecom sector and we the aam-admi (Normal human being) were happy in that one area atleast. Now we are back to being the aam admi -a.k.a in Tamil Maanga Madayan (Fool).

Honourable prime minister, are you listening to the drums. Drums always give warning.

And the icing on the cake - When the Legislative does nothing, the common man looks towards the judiciary and the legislative does not like that.

Failures of the Government -
1. No mention of building better road infrastructure - is work on the golden quadrilateral of the previous governmen still on or stopped because it was not started by the Holy INC.
2. Needling in affairs which would enable them to get votes for the next election and do nothing after that
3. Power: States which were selling excess power to others is now reeling under the lack of it.
4. Water resources and planning
5. Poor visualisation of SEZ - this one is worth mentioning - Using arable land to build industries. Dear Prime minister and his team; where do you want the farmers to go.? Suppose for every acre of arable land acquired for a an SEZ, the farmer is given 3 acres of barren land far away from water, would he be able to grow the same yield??? Why don't industries pick up barren land; simply because it is barren.
6. Law and order: I give up on this.

Dear Government of the aam-admi; the very same aam admi who now feels that he/she is a Maanga-Madayan, When will you stop interfering and meddling and start governance. Good governance does not mean you tell us what to do and you do the opposite. Look at your own legislators; a few of them puts the whole bunch to shame. Oh! you will wash hands saying they are not from our party. Crap!!!!

The aam junta of this once-upon-a-time (When was that) great nation - you have a choice - grovel on the mud or stand up. Prince of Hamlet remarks (or was it some one else - I know not) some one else is great because you are on your knees. To add to that, you bend your knee to some one who doesn't deserve even an iota of respect.

Jinhe Naaz hai Hind par woh Kahaan hai?? Kahan Hai, Kahan Hai, Kahaan Hai??? (Sniff!!! Sniff!!!!)