Friday, March 16, 2012

Incident of the Pharmacist/Chemist

My son falls sick and so we go to the doc, doc prescribes syrups. So far so good. Son throws up everything he eats or drinks. I Call the doctor who prescribes ONDEM syrup to prevent throwing up. This is where the fun begins  

I rush to the pharmacist- the air is hot and fetid and a couple of fans are whirring. These fans played a very important role in my life today.

Me: Ek ONDEM. dena (Give me an ONDEM)
Pharmacisit : (whips up a box) "kitne Chahiye" (How many do you need) 
Me: (Confused) Bas Ek (only one).
Pharmacist: Passes me flat box
Me: (without paying attention) Syrup nahi hai kya (Dont you have the syrup)
Pharmacist: kaunsa flavour (which flavour?)
Flavour bloody hell - what flavor for a medicine which prevents throwing up your guts. 
Me: Now still confused (i am still not paying attention to the box in my hand) - kitne flavour mein aate hain (how many flavours does it come in)
Pharmacist: Shows me three different boxes 
Me: (Shocked)  I check the box in my hand. Oh! Lord of all Gods!!! 

This dhakkan of a (fool of a) pharmacist understood me totally wrong. I asked for ONDEM , he heard CONDEM and had passed me a pack of "Moods"

Bloody hell verbal communication sucks.


  1. even the pharmacist came to know that u are in full swing
    padmaja vadina

  2. My neighbour must be thinking I am mad... if this is a true incident, i am sure it will soon become a great joke passing around dinner time converstations.
    hope your son is better now.