Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The lost species of Freedom Fighters

Have our generation of Indians lost contact with those involved in the Freedom Struggle. Barring a few who made up the coterie of decision makers we don't know any body else. Tis makes it look as if a handful of people took on the British, drove them out gracefully and then declared we are free, set up the constituent assembly, adopt the constitution (Oh! such marvellous words - "we give unto ourselves this constitution...") and whoosh we are independent nation. What about the next gen the Y-gen or Genext or whatever mishmash name you give them. Don't we owe more than a token remembrance to the freedom fighters. I was forwarded a link and boy am I glad. You bet. that link was more to me than a link which points out Panditji' books or something else. It started a thought - who are our freedom fighters??? Who really are they? Where are they? or as Guru Dutt would say "Jinhe Naaz hai Hind, par who kahan hai, Kahan Hai, Kahan hai?????


  1. Brilliant article indeed. Almost all the patters of the lady's behaviour defied the societal norms during all times throughout the century;... She was a girl who went to school during a time when it was incomprehensible and a taboo to do so! She reads almost all leading newspapers at an age as ripe as 104. She denies pension for she considers it nothing less than begging at this age!!!

    CUT TO -
    I read your profile. You are quite an avid reader!

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