Monday, June 19, 2006

Brahmanism and anti-Brahmanism, Castes and reservations

I was forwarded this link
from Rediff and I am not sure of the intent and nature of the author(I am sorry sir, I don't know you and as such cannot take articles at face value), though I am fully in agreement with his conclusion, and I would put it up as "For India that is Bharat" to be great, Indians have to be Indians first and their caste members next, politicians be damned. Those persecuted have now turned persecutors so we are ending the full cycle. Whether history was recycled and reproduced differently, or is it being marginalised now is a different argument altoghether. I am reminded an incident (Narrated to me, I don't know if it is true, but the words keep ringing in my ears) during the Razakars terror regime just before Liberation of Hyderabad - Operation Polo; Shoebulla Khan, editor of the Imroze who was assassinated - on asked why does he oppose the struggle for an independent nation for muslims, even though he is a muslim, Shoebulla khan replied "Qubul Watan, Mazhab, Iman". So when will we be Indians, Bharatiya, Hindustani first and then (If it is needed by the common man - not as told by the godless politicians), Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Brahmins, Shudras, Vaishyas etc. I shed tears not knowing the answer and not knowing what to do. By the way I am a Brahmin and was not born with a silver spoon and like every average mortal (Mortal as in forgotten very soon after death) Indian; I had to struggle during my years of education. I sold cigarettes for a living to pay through college and also worked as a bartender. The two means of living together paid more than my first proper salary as an IT professional. My point is that with an English and I mean English education, many of the city bred have turned true burra Sahibs (If you think you are not, then you are not, don't blast me). Or is it that Dr. Arjun Singh is feeling ennui, that he has to rake up the Country to a frenzy?? Beats me anyway.

I am a member of a group Inter-culturalinsghts on Yahoo and doing the rounds was a link

Go through it if you must. My point is that there are many in the group who are Indians and a Lady, I must say Lady for her fair representaion; well a Lady who is not an Indian has to take up cudgels on behalf of the aggrieved party i.e. Indians. It was dismissed as a Joke outright and I agree with the lady who asked the group to explain "Sense of Humour" when she mentioned that the movie is a cheap(Can you hear the negativity with the word) production. Right on, my question is "What is Sense of humour"? Keep smiling when young people are sacrificing their youth to earn money to keep up a good life style and they are lampooned in the media. Keep smiling and laughing because their social life is all screwed up and many of them don't keep a normal life (Bloody depressing Night shifts). Keep smiling and laugh at yourself when your esteem is bruised. All I can ask is to ask yourself - what will you laugh at and what will you not.

So long fellow countrymen and my brethren of the world.

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  1. right said fred, even iam against call center jobs and its impact on the future of india. though its getting quick money but in the long term we are losing our youth to it and health problems so on.

    Isnt it against nature :)